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Darker shades of ambience and classic electronic sounds, with Berlin style sequencing and a lo-fi edge, using vintage analog and digital synths and old-school effects. Nostalgic space music in which cosmic space is seen in mirrors of emotional space. Electronic soundscapes inhabited - or haunted - by humanity.

fluXus refers to the intended flow of the music, within one piece, and from one piece to another  - but also to an awareness of the Fluxus art movement, with found sounds and randomised elements allowed to become co-creator: serendipity leaving room for the 'divine' to enter.

The fluXus project (capital 'X' not 'f') began in the late 90s and has performed at arts centre events, and as support for Banco de Gaia and others. 


The last two fluXus albums have been featured on the Star's End and Ultima Thule, and individual tracks played on Alien Air Music and Musical Starstreams.

Influences include Froese, Baumann, and Schulze, John Surman, Nico, 20th Century classical music, and the bits between the tunes on J-M Jarre albums.

Album and artist images below:

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