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"I've been waiting for the lovely moment where I get to share this wonder... I honestly think this is some of the best classicist synth (or Berlin School) music I've ever heard. "        Colin Morrison, Castles In Space                                   

" so impressed... beautiful. Who said electronic music had no heart and soul! A nice vintage feel... but it doesn't sound like a copy of the old favourites - fluXus is taking the baton to the next level."     Bruce Gall, Atmospheres                                   

"...executed with quite remarkable restraint, amounting to one of the best such pieces I've heard in some time... it has real depth, creativity and emotion to it."     Audion Magazine                                      

"The hidden treasure of 'Berlin School' music! Cleverly constructed and highly moving pieces, which evoke both the memory of 'Timewind' and the suspended atmospheres of Delius. Deeply original, and likely to renew your perception of the genre. To discover urgently!"     Minilog on Bandcamp                                      

"An enchanting album. A perfect balance of machine and human emotion. fluXus has totally nailed the genre with this magical journey."             Splinter on Bandcamp                                      

"Coolest British "Berliner" of the level of Perge, Brendan Pollard and Strange Telemetry, and his new album is beautiful and delightful to the point of impossibility."             Way2go on                                     

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